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Talk: Sabah

Apart from the Sabahans’ very own diverse mother tongues, Bahasa Malaysia (national language) and English is widely spoken. English is […]

Go: Sabah

To travel in Sabah, you can choose to: walk, take a teksi (taxi), bas (bus), keretapi (train) or kapal terbang […]

Intro: Sabah

“MALAYSIA TRULY ASIA” is the tagline of Malaysia Tourism Board. With the political stability, great infrastructure and multiculturalism of many religions and […]

Eat: Sabah

The Prologue Greetings, mate! I’m a local born Chinese chap, most of the food and cuisine that yet to be […]

Holiday: Sabah

If a public holiday falls on a weekday (Monday to Sartuday) then that day becomes a non-working day and students […]

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